Are You a Creative Vessel for Beauty?


As vessels, we each translate light in our own way, but the source is One. Just as every cell has its destiny to fulfill in the whole of an organ, so do we in the whole of a bigger body – the universe, the cosmos, God, higher self, physics, or whatever you call that intentional divinity that bends space so Earth can rotate around Sun, keep our feet to the ground, and walk our journey. Since all things are interdependent, to be free and true in your own soundness is to exert yourself in giving. Freedom, in its wholeness, is goodnessis giving in nature. Beauty is the biggest clue

Sink your mind in water.

And before you come up invite the light to kiss the sleeping lotus between your eyes. Yes, you have one. As it blooms like an eye awakening from the longest dream, hear this whisper, “From this moment on, you will honor the capacity of your body, mind, and heart, to think beautiful thoughts, to create like the divine, to stretch like the divine, and to want that for other people in a way that uniquely satisfies them. Search for me, and as I honor those who seek me, I will show you real eternal beauty. This beauty will never leave you and will keep you close to me.”

 SEARCH as if you are stargazing into yourself until you meet your creator.

Life is a gift so find the giver and watch everything align to help you press in higher. How do you know you have found your giver? The giver lets you know you are connected when it feeds you awe. I call that awe Indigo. The kind of awe that makes you bold, that connects you to something bigger than yourself – across time, deep into the pyramid, into the spiraling eye, that powers the electromagnetic patterns in your brain, to make you the unique, alive, aspiring, individual that you are.

We are endowed with the creative power

Our generation has a unique gift in our positioning in the line of time.

The freedom to progress is our inevitable evolution.

“Idealism is a fading fog to the Indigo children. Surrender anything that limits you. INDIGO – where did this term come from? There’s many speculations. But when I heard it the first time, like I said, my ears were assigned to recognize it because it was a color I had already felt, that had already taken me over. It’s the color of consciousness. Now that I see it, I see it in everything. So I listen to the divine, pointing me here and there, I read books, music, and art, and I use my imagination to connect the clues. God painted clues on everything. I’m pealing back the static of all that’s false, and indigo is underneath with wet paint.” – Darls V.

What does it mean to be a vessel?

Attracted to you, rays of wisdom, love, and eternal divine truth, pass you in all directions. These rays come from one source. They are attracted to you because of the beauty of your purpose. To be a vessel is to continuously surrender the false parts of yourself (that are attached but not of you anyway) to this source so that the higher you, the you that mirrors the divine, is releasing these rays amplified in your words, in your work, in how you listen to other people, in how you think about the future, in how you breathe, etc. Your purpose is beauty. Smile about that! You could be no more used. No more beautiful.

If this message is meant for your ears, you’d know it in your bones. And if this is for you repeat after me:

“I am a vessel, one of many all over the world. I am a receiver, and translator of heaven opening here to shift the atmosphere.”

Step out of the box on your own, and free people will catch you.

Tune into the Reading Vessel.