God’s Secret: Mental Alchemy, Building Crystals and Temples

I had a dream everyone I knew jumped into the ocean, so I did too and as soon as I submerged I was frustrated because I knew I would be afraid and now my fear was all over me. I got so frustrated that I began to swim away. I swam far until I reached a passage between two large mountains. As I entered, I saw beautiful ancient temples lining the mountains on both sides. Each temple was not the same, they had their own glory though equally magnificent. The passage filled up with snakes, large and small, of all colors. In that moment, I realized, I was still afraid, but not as much as I thought. If I was terrified to death, I’d be immobile, but my body was still pedaling forward. I saw a yellow snake with white stripes. I grabbed it with my left hand. It slithered through the water and over the snakes while I held on with one arm and kept swimming through with the other, looking above, admiring the beautiful temples. When I got to the end of the pathway, a cobra with green eyes hissed at me. I stood up from the shore and started hellucinating as I walked under the blazing sun. Next thing I know, friends greeted me. I didn’t recognize them. Somehow I knew they were friends. They said, “Where’d you go?” We all got in a car, and I drove each of them home.
A few days later, I hiked. This thought came to me.
(Inner voice)

Me: There’s so much inner knowledge that I’ve rediscovered about myself that my mind’s become this world of Alchemy; where I become bigger; where I live and die in my mind all the time, creating and deconstructing.

(Visual appears: God as a mentor pulling me closer under a lamp shade to see a map)

God: See what I do? I make things beautiful. Come closer to the light and I’ll show you what I’m working on.

(God pointing at the map on the table)

God: The world inside is just as alive as the world outside and when the world inside has clarity, the world outside will be as fruitful. Clarity is the beginning, rebirth, awakening. To crystalize is the next stage.

People in the individual experience and as a collective have the ability to build temples, but few know where, how, or why. Or that you can even stop the rotation of perceived “normal” flows of physical, mental, and emotional being. In your minds, hearts, and gut, you have the potential to build beautiful temples, crystalized like the temples of the earth’s caves.

When your mind has crystalized, that’s when a piece of my secret is revealed to you. As you dig into yourself, I reciprocate and move with your out breath – in this rhythmic conversation we form your unique personal lines and patterns. My secrets come unto you like water running from the center, down the lines and patterns, and back to the enflamed ocean of All that is under the stars and above it. In these intimate moments, you peak into my All.

I am Original, ever embodying love that exists eternally. To you, I give the gift of holiness in stages. But there are more secrets. And even one secret you need meet several times. Even though you will never know all of my secrets, I can show you infinite reasons why the closer you come to me the closer you know yourself.

When your mind has crystalized and I come to you, revealed, that’s when you are ready to die in mind and be reborn into the next cycle of inner knowledge. As you die mentally, your temple shatters, but you don’t forget the patterns and how I met you there, nor the grace of my water passing through. And with that old blue print you create a bigger temple, more sophisticated, more beautiful.

See the greatest honor of existing is creating something beautiful, both endless and impermanent. The universe knows this also, that’s why it expands in out breaths as it builds temples and shatters within. The cosmos and chaos. You are the dreamed temples of the universe that dies mentally and is reborn since Genesis.

To be beautiful is to continually unfold into the newness of truth, one love realized. If you know this, you wouldn’t doubt why the world outside would be more beautiful if the world inside is made beautiful by you, when you honor me with yourself.

Do not be afraid of the process, of living and dying in mind, for we will form crystals and and build temples, and they will shatter, but it is the unfolding itself, the process, where we release beauty, both endless and impermanent.

Seek me in your mind, heart, and your gut.

(God blows the light out)

Thank you to the artist Eelco Maan for letting me use his breathtaking work as the featured image.