Pt. 1: My Guardian Angels (Einstein, Gandhi, Bob Marley, Prince & Janis Joplin) said, “Existential Space-Use it.”

Introducing my Guardian Angels & other Rock n Roll Spirits

When I’m writing, Rockstar spirits sometimes casually pass through (like a homie showing up at your door without calling) to help knock epiphanies into my head whether its Einstein, Prince, Nina Simone, Gandhi, David Bowie, Nefertiti, Bob Marley, Hildegard Van Bergen, Muhammad Ali, or Janis Joplin, etc. At the perfect moment, a great spirit appears to drop some knowledge that relates to a present thought I’m trying to first, theorize organically and second, back up with some research. It’s crazy, but it happens.

I like to think that since time doesn’t relate to them the same way anymore, they’re all humored by the invite of my mortal audacity to ask the cosmic question,”WHY NOT? It’s cute how I lean in, huh?” 😉

But really, how is it possible for amazing rockstar spirits to appear? Just my imagination you say? No… not “JUST” imagination! Come on, the point is NOT to think small! Your influences ARE your guardian angels and you don’t even know it! They gave their lives to release knowledge, art, and existential realness for the world – that’s a damn fine pre-requisite satisfied for an exemplary would be angel. Sometimes these spirits appear in my mind. Other times they appear by showing up in a book or documentary that came at just the right moment to help me understand why I’m gravitating toward a certain thought or theory for the time being.


These rockstar spirits are literally linked to you because they are composed of the same essential material that existed since the beginning of time. They even breathed in the same air through their lungs, walked the same earth, made mistakes and learned under the same sky, and were kissed by the same sun and moon. How can we not be connected? According to the famous astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, we are all made of stardust from the big bang. Remember the saying, “Magic is in the air”? Well it is.

The human spirit over thousands of years is all over the air. Past, present, and future… all connected – inhaled and exhaled.

But we share more than stardust…

It’s common religious thought that we have two planes of existence – our earthly life (body) and spirit life (transcends body). However, before birth, we were created in the womb of God’s mind, formed of God’s eternal essence in a sort of pre-birth state of existing.

“In the beginning was the word,” the “Om,” the “big bang,” the impulse… really, it’s the thought of you.

The beginning is the thought. When the thought was conceived, you sprang from the blank slate of nothingness and became a possibility, and your physical birth sealed the concept of you into existence.

Among all the wondrous ideas, God imagined YOU. Because everyone is made first in the womb of God’s mind, we literally share the same essence of God, not just stardust! Thus, when you uncover your purpose and live in it – it’s a return to the godliness within, a feeling/memory (Déjà vu) resurfacing of the pre-birth and our earliest state in the mind of God. Conscious or not, spiritual or not, you recognize a return to your true self by some instinctual sense of alignment. “This is who I’m meant to be. This is who I really am.”  In other words, if God intentionally created you with a purpose, then when you align/tune into your purpose, you are actually connecting to the gold thread that runs through all that is… This thread or line is the godliness within.

But here’s the thing! What does that mean for us? WE ARE CONNECTED as stardust and of God’s mental essence so…

DARE TO ASK for their spiritual guidance. KEEP THEM CLOSE at heart. You’ll get an answer one way or another at the right time.

You remember something they said… You start a mental dialogue… A quote pops up… A book arrives in your hands… A friend plays a movie… OR you thoughtlessly hum a song… And somehow what seems like a random occurrence hits you like a green light. It becomes the added perspective that inspires new epiphanies. REMEMBER, when it came to existing, these Rockstars stretched!  They gave it their best by spreading themselves out mentally, physically, and emotionally – those wings released knowledge, art, and existential realness. Authenticity gives you wings, which leads to the next point… All my angels say, “Existential space-use it!”

– To Be Continued…. featuring Janis Joplin.

‘Till then, please enjoy some quotes from my Rock Star spirits 🙂 :

  • Albert Einstein: “Strenuous intellectual work and the study of God’s Nature are the angels that will lead me through all the troubles of this life with consolation, strength, and uncompromising rigor.” – letter to Pauline Winteler (3 July 1897)

  • Roger Nelson, formerly known as Prince: “That’s what you want. Transcendence. When that happens…Oh, boy.”

  • Roger Nelson, formerly known as Prince: “God told us he made us in his image to create. Everything I do is inspired by God.”

  • David Bowie: “There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds. There’s a starman waiting in the sky. He’s told us not to blow it ‘Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile. He told me, ‘Let the children lose it. Let the children use it. Let all the children boogie” – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, 1972

  • Bob Marley: “God sent me on earth. He send me to do something, and nobody can stop me. If God want to stop me, then I stop. Man never can.”