A love poem, In Case You’re Out There

I haven’t written a love poem in years, but I guess Chet Baker got to me tonight…

In Case You’re Out There

I’m not new to this game, but if I give you a kiss, you’d know I mean what I do. My tenderness is a secret I’ll share only in a special moment with a special person. In this case, I mean to be still with you.

I’m not new to this game – I know when a heart breaks, their not kidding. It sinks into your stomach as they say, but no one can operate. And no one ever tells you how Time dodges you when you try to set an appointment. “I should be fine by this date, but still I feel this way.” Time’s like, “I won’t tell you, you’ll figure it out.”

I’m not new to this game. I am more than this body, I take the shape of love, in formless weight and endless sound. I have no capacity to be bitter, but I do believe savory souls came from something bittersweet because the best place for lips to meet is in wisdom.

I’m not new to this game. I’m not in a rush and I won’t fake it. I am lush, green fields, streaming water, and flowers, on my own. Inhabited by you or not, my world is already vivid.

I’m not new to this game. This isn’t the first Spring, I have history. I am Eve. I ate the apple so I could learn the beauty of unlearning shame.

I’m not new to this game – This is my second life, after a life when I had someone, but I barely had me. Too distracted too long, now ever present. Where I sit or stand is a sacred space because I let God smile through me.

I’m not new to this game, I don’t expect you to be perfect. I just need two things.

1) Understand the seasons.
Blues is a cold glass in Summer.
Spring is Funk.
R&B starts the Fall.
Winter is new with Hip Hop.
(Rock n Roll is an adjective)
Soul is in anything worthy.
But Jazz is still. Jazz is moving.
Jazz is all year long.

2) Understand my freedom. If you know what it is, we have the same vision. Faith in God and a better world is the most romantic expression.

I’m not new to this game,

So what about you?

Written by Darls V
October 6, 2016
12:30 AM
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