All the Birds of my Heart and the Beginning of the Black Bird.

By Darls V

There was silence and calm that day. The atmosphere was cool blue, lavender, and grey. At the seat of the heart was a cage with 3,554 white doves and one black bird that sat squeezed into the back. When the cage door swung open with a slow creaking sound, the air filled up with thousands of wings flapping and the sky quickened with activity.

It was a vacuum of excited energy moving from inside the cage to the limitless outside. White doves upon pushing their feet off against the rail of the door leaped into the sky and took off. Some boomeranged in high up ranges and others spiraled out in dance. It was the blurriness of love, freedom, joy, and release that one couldn’t even conceive of until that moment air becomes water. The brilliance of wings smearing, goodness blurring sensations of one intense gratitude; physically soaring; feeling their bodies give away to gravity catching the angle of their wings to let them drift with ease.

All the while, the black bird waited for its turn to get closer to the front of the cage. He could sense the moment drawing near as the space around him loosened up by the centimeter – his heart beating faster and faster. He peered up and saw these doves and he knew it would be his time soon enough.

By then many of the doves were far from sight. He put one foot on the rail. And then his other foot. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and puffed out his chest, opened his arms, took a second deep breath and pushed.

Just as he had imagined, his wings took control. And just as he hoped with all his might, he could trust his body to make him fly. He veered left, right, up, down, made large circles, small circles, zigzags, and dived forward head first in passings. After he tiered and propped his wings out to sail, his breath started to slow into a steady soft pace. He landed on top of the cage and looked up at the sun appearing from behind the clouds and thought, “now what?”

About this piece
This story is intended to provoke questions. What is the important question? The question is likely the answer. The answer is silent. The answer is intuitive. The answer should give energy, not take it away.