Author: Darls V.

I am your reading vessel mediator, writing on spirituality, books, the illustration on jazz and funk records, indigo music today, the times, and more.
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In front of the city I love, in the night sky, street lights gleaming over the water. More stars in my eyes than the blue blanket over Echo Park. He said to me, “I feel so connected to you as though we’ve been married before in a past life.” In that second, I did a heart check and nodded my head, “Yeah, I feel that way too.” He then said, “But I’m confused… because sometimes I’m not attracted to you – “

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Water in My Sacred Heart (video)

This song, this prayer from the heart, is dedicated to NODAPL and the water protectors listening to god’s voice and carrying the strength of the spirits while fighting for the survival of all the beautiful seeds left to grow on Earth.

When    something      hits me
And it’s    b  e  a  u  t  i  f  u  l
it floods me at the    c  e  n  t  e  r
like a   waterfall
on my    s  a  c  r  e  d    h  e  a  r  t
of an       elevator      button
W  A  T  E  R    it    waves    out         cool
on my     dry   land    m e m o r y
B e a u t i f u l
M a t t e r

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The Art of Being Personal

…if there is any one else out there who thinks it’s rediculious how the art and discipline of stretching the spirit under the skin is so devalued by the standards of pop culture, I want them to know in my own nakedness of word that I see the same light and hunger for existential meaning. This world is rushing so fast it only has time for its libido. I dream of a revival of renaissance, a society that defines beauty in the outward and inward transcendence of mind and heart. I am not alone in this dream, we are few but growing fast.

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Pt. 1: My Guardian Angels (Einstein, Gandhi, Bob Marley, Prince & Janis Joplin) said, “Existential Space-Use it.”

When I’m writing, Rockstar spirits sometimes casually pass through (like a homie showing up at your door without calling) to help knock epiphanies into my head whether its Einstein, Prince, Nina Simone, Gandhi, David Bowie, Nefertiti, Bob Marley, Hildegard Van Bergen, Muhammad Ali, or Janis Joplin, etc. At the perfect moment, a great spirit appears to drop some knowledge that relates to a present thought I’m trying to first, theorize organically and second, back up with some research. It’s crazy, but it happens.