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Where is the Traction? Maurizio Cattelan’s “Mother” Photograph

A few years ago I visited Alan in New York for my birthday. We went to the Guggenheim and I saw this photograph.

I never forgot it, but I didn’t know the artist. Today, I see it again. Two hands together is a universal expression of prayer, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. I feel so much power and faith and relationship in this image. It’s interesting because this artist’s other work is dark, disturbing, as if he has a bruised connection with religion.

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Are You a Creative Vessel for Beauty?

… Just as every cell has its destiny to fulfill in the whole of an organ, so do we in the whole of a bigger body – the universe, the cosmos, God, higher self, physics, or whatever you call that intentional divinity that bends space so Earth can rotate around Sun, keep our feet to the ground, and walk our journey. Since all things are interdependent, to be free and true in your own soundness is to exert yourself in giving. Freedom, in its wholeness, is goodness, is giving in nature. Beauty is the biggest clue…

…If this message is meant for your ears, you’d know it in your bones. And if this is for you repeat after me…